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creative business

Creatives deserve to feel excited about their finances. Not wary.

Working with the type of brilliant minds we do, we’ve learned, most creative business owners have some trepidation over their finances. There’s a lot they’re unsure about and ultimately it results in them taking a step back from their finances. It means creatives are often undercharging, have a “keep their fingers crossed” attitude to cashflow […]

Why Xero and FreeAgent are the best accounting software options for small independent businesses

Why Xero and FreeAgent are the best accounting software options for small independent businesses

  Hands up who thought they’d be googling accounting software when they started a business?  Choosing the right software is important, since bookkeeping is an essential part of your business and software is an essential part of bookkeeping – but we know the last thing you want to be doing after a long work week […]

Government gateway

Adding Fearless Financials as your agent in your Government Gateway

Dealing with  HMRC can be a time suck for business owners. Luckily, we can help! Adding Fearless Financials as your agent means we can submit your returns directly to HMRC, check the information they hold to make sure there aren’t any issues, and talk to HMRC on your behalf. The quickest way to add Fearless […]


So, you’re thinking about going back to employment?

So, you’re thinking about going back to employment? Here at Fearless we understand that running a business can have its ups and downs. Given the current economic climate coming on the back of the COVID years, some of our clients have been investigating going back into employment. We asked Career Wing Woman, Laurie MacPherson, to […]

Applying for a mortgage

Top Tips When Applying For a Mortgage

Buying a house and applying for a mortgage can be a stressful time. Even more so if you can’t just rely on your last three payslips due to running your own business!  Due to time required to gather records, accountants generally charge to help with mortgage requests. Given the current climate, if you want to keep your costs […]

Why doing your own bookkeeping isn’t just a click of the button.

You didn’t start your own business because you have a passion for spreadsheets or get a kick out of expense reports. But, whether we like it or not, bookkeeping is an essential part of running a business. Think of it like flossing your teeth: it’s not fun, but it’s necessary.  Now, you’re wondering how much […]

changing accountants

Changing accountants. What do I need to do?

If you’re thinking about changing accountants, you may or may not have heard of the phrase ‘professional clearance’. A sort of courteous protocol between two accounting firms, it’s something the new accountant will have to do if you’ve made the decision to switch. This might feel like a big deal but it’s standard practice. Also, […]

Three things you need to do after the September Mini Budget

23rd September 2022 saw the “mini-budget” and the first opportunity for the new PM and Chancellor to stamp their mark on the UK. And boy they went for it, with the announced £45 billion of tax cuts. The biggest tax-cutting budget since Barber’s “dash for growth” in 1972. Spoiler alert, that didn’t end well. The […]

How can my small business celebrate Christmas tax efficiently? 

We can’t believe it either, we’re writing to you about Christmas, but there’s a good reason!  Like most top-notch accountants we like our clients to be ahead of the curve on all things tax related. Whether you like it or not, Christmas is going to be here in all its tinsley glory very, very soon. […]

How does the national insurance and dividend rise impact my small business?

The National Insurance Contributions (NICs) increased by 1.25 percentage points starting in April of 2022. After one year, starting in April of 2023, NICs will reduce once more and a new Health and Social Care levy will be introduced to collect the 1.25% instead. After a difficult 18 months of lost wages, staff shortages, and […]