Be You, Be Brave and Build a Better Business

Life-centred accounting for folks who dare to be themselves in business

Be You

Success your way means:

  • Your business positively impacts everyone – your family, your team, and the wider community
  • Your business is thriving financially, sparks joy, and gives you the freedom to chase your passions all at once
  • You’re able to be unapologetically and entirely YOU in business
  • You have an authentic, genuine, human connection with your accountant

What’s holding you back from your vision?

  • You’re not sure how your numbers help you build the future you want
  • You’re scared of getting on the wrong side of HMRC
  • You’re out of your comfort zone when it comes to the finance stuff
  • You feel like accountants talk over you, not to you

Let’s fix that.

Be Brave

Get support to achieve your definition of success

Success can mean lots of different things. It can mean more freedom, more joy, a thriving team, a bigger impact on the community. It’s not defined by hustle. You don’t have to be a straight-talking suit.

We’re not accountants who roll around once a year for tax season or pop up in your inbox to make a sale. We’re friend, mentor, coach and partner all in one.

We’re interested in helping you carve your own path.

Build a Better Business

Let your finances spark joy, not fear

Remove the fear of the finances

Get support, reassurance and clarity when it comes to the basics – your accounts, self assessments, payroll, VAT and generally dealing with HMRC.

Create room for more joy

In coaching calls we’ll define what success looks like to you, giving you the assurance you need to forge your own path and walk fearlessly into the future.

Emily Bevan-Pritchard, Emily Rose Vintage

“Fearless has taken the chaos and stress from this side of my business and is making sense of my numbers so we can see where things need to improve. Gillian has worked tirelessly to get things under control and I finally feel I can begin to worry less about the numbers and concentrate on growing my business. I can’t thank the Fearless team enough for all the work they have done and all the help they continue to give.”

Take your first brave step