So, you’re thinking about going back to employment?

So, you’re thinking about going back to employment?

Here at Fearless we understand that running a business can have its ups and downs. Given the current economic climate coming on the back of the COVID years, some of our clients have been investigating going back into employment. We asked Career Wing Woman, Laurie MacPherson, to write a guest blog on how to approach this.

It can be a really big decision but if the economy, your lifestyle or your health are making running a business too tough right now, here are some things to consider.

1. You are not alone.

The ONS tells us that this was happening in big numbers even before this current economic shit show. Understanding changes in self employment in the UK – Office for National Statistics (ons.gov.uk) and I have lots of anecdotal evidence that it’s happening even more now, with some fairly ‘big’ names in the online business world recently and close friends taking employed roles, even part time.

2. There will be mixed feelings.

Social media doesn’t help here and there is LOTS of narrative around how wonderful it is being self employed/sack the boss/flex and freedom and it IS, but it’s not for everyone and the harsh truth is that if you are not making money, it’s not a business it’s a very expensive and time consuming hobby. Make no mistake, I’m writing this in my PJ’s at 10.15 and am about to go a run BUT I know what’s coming in over the next few months. If you don’t, or if you do and it’s not a happy picture then it’s smart to look for that safety net.

3. It doesn’t have to be forever.

Your skills and amazing network (more on them later) won’t disappear, this is a decision you are choosing to take right now and who knows whether you will resurrect your business or consult or run another business at some point. This is only for now.

4. Once you’ve made the decision you will probably feel relief in amongst the sadness.

Great, but where and how do you find a job now? And what about your CV?Before you do ANYTHING, have a serious think about WHAT you would like to do, where, and with what kind of people or organisation. The HOW can come later.

5. Once you have an idea of what you might like to do, tell people.

Yep, no shame or need to panic just reach out to your network and contacts and tell them what you are looking for. They will usually be delighted to help and open some doors for you. Set up as many coffee meetings as you can and ask for specific help. Ask for introductions to people who do the things you’d like to or who work for organisations you’d love to work for and have ‘curious conversations’ about how it all works, their entry route and what they wish they’d known.

6. Search for the sorts of jobs you might want on LinkedIn, Indeed and other job sites.

Look at what they need and what keywords keep coming up. Do you have these or can you get them? If you aren’t sure about titles, search using these keywords initially.

7. NOW, look at your CV.

It really does pay to get a professional to help here because as business owners, we do so much but not all of it will be relevant or needed by your new employer and it COULD go against you. Think about what THEY want and need and give them that.

8. Get some examples and achievements down that will be relevant to the sorts of roles you are going for.

Think income generation/customer service/processes and procedures that you implemented etc and if you have some numbers, all the better.

9. Reach out to recruiters.

Remember that they work for the client, not for you and be prepared to do a bit of chasing but they can be so helpful. Ask if they are putting you forward for roles and if not why not, what do you need to do differently? They are likely to have a fear about you being unemployable so raise early on that you are more than happy to take instruction and be part of a team whilst sharing all your amazing skills, in exchange for some stability and not having to worry about cashflow 24/7.

10. Start applying and look forward to the interview invites coming in!

Laurie is a Career Wing Woman mentoring smart women to secure a role they love at thesalary they deserve. She offers a range of help from 1:1 mentoring through to courses covering taking your LinkedIn to the next level, finding a job you love and how to ace that interview. Check out her LinkedIn here or sign up to her mailing list here.


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