Find freedom with your finances

We help you build a better business to support a more joyful life.

Spend more time doing what you love.
Find the balance between hard work and joyful living.
Never fear a surprise bill or letter from HMRC.
Make enough money to support you, your team and your community.
Create more fun, fabulousness and fulfillment in your life.

You deserve to live the life of your dreams

Healthy financials give you the freedom to do it

Whether you’re taking your very first steps in business and want to start on the right foot or you’re looking for more reassurance while you plan for the future, we help you:

Remove the fear of the finances

Get support, reassurance and clarity when it comes to the basics – your accounts, self assessments, payroll, VAT and generally dealing with HMRC.

Create room for more joy

In coaching calls we’ll define what success looks like to you, giving you the assurance you need to forge your own path and walk fearlessly into the future.

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We go beyond the numbers

Building a better business means more than just getting your finances on track. In our coaching calls, we’ll help you work out exactly where you want to go and the steps you’ll take to get you there.

Set your destination. Plan your path. Move with confidence.

Michael White, Sacred Tum Tacos

“Gillian and the team at Fearless Financials have gone the extra mile for us more times than I can remember. They are always great to speak to in person, everyone is friendly and forthcoming and they have a great talent for breaking down the complexities of accounting and bookkeeping for us making things that at first feel intimidating totally manageable.”

Let’s talk tech

The days of clunky filing cabinets and old school spreadsheets are behind us. Our tech keeps the gears turning behind the scenes so you’re spending less time handling your books and more time working towards your goals. Some of our favorite tools to remove the fear from your finances are:


Free templates and helpful blogs to support you in building a healthy, happy business.