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Been told “creatives don’t do numbers”? Let’s smash that perception.

“You’ve either got a numbers brain or a creative brain.”

How many times have you heard that stereotype? It’s one that’s repeated in childhood, in the education system, in life. 

Well, we’re here to clear things up once and for all: it’s totally and categorically false.

Having worked with so many brilliant, creative business owners over the years, we’ve seen time and time again how, with the right encouragement and tools, they really master the numbers. Even those with dyscalculia.

When creative entrepreneurs come to us, they often express their “financial fear”.

It’s the barrier that stands in the way of them feeling confident about every part of their business. But with reassurance and encouragement, they feel comfortable and capable of dealing with the numbers. 

When that happens, that’s when things get really exciting. 

It’s when they can get hands-on with their data and use it to inform the big, growth-determining decisions that’ll see their business thrive.

So what causes that trepidation? 

At Fearless, we think it’s down to a lack of information (with a bit of societal dysfunction to boot). Ultimately, it comes from a few places:

 1. Lack of economic and business education within the school setting.

Given it is such an integral part of being an adult, society hasn’t taught people how to manage their finances. No wonder running a business is overwhelming when you haven’t been given that knowledge.

It likely means you’re worried about having “stupid questions” (spoiler alert: there’s no such thing!) or indeed, not even knowing where to start. 

 2. The assumption numbers don’t mix with creatively-minded people. 

The idea that creatives won’t “get it” is totally inaccurate. In fact, you’ve heard it so many times you probably believe it yourself.

Categorising them this way has created a sense of discomfort for artists who would otherwise rock this aspect of their business. 

 3. Hiring the wrong accountant. 

When the person overseeing your finances isn’t the best fit for you or your business, it can stifle a potentially amazing relationship and close off opportunities for growth. 

The thing is, there’s a perfect accountant out there for everyone. 

Nowadays, the profession isn’t synonymous with an old white man in a grey suit. There are experts who specialise entirely in your niche, who work exclusively with creatives, artists, women-owned businesses…

But that’s just one-half of it. They’ll also share your values and attitudes. They won’t just work with you; they’ll really get you.

A great accountant will work with you to break down any financial fear.

They’ll answer any questions you have, big or small, cutting out the financial jargon and explaining things in a real, human way. Coming to them with no financial knowledge? They’ll have worked with countless clients who were in your exact shoes. 

We’re by no means saying you’ll get to a place where you’re suddenly expected to take on VAT returns and HMRC compliance! That’s what your accountant is there for. But, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to really understand how your numbers work – so you can use them to drive the exciting strategic decisions.

Take the first step towards financial fearlessness.

If you’ve been struggling with the financial side of your business, let us carry the load. At Fearless, we’ve worked with hundreds of creative business owners, taking things at their own pace to unlock their financial confidence.

Fill in our contact form to join our waitlist, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can to have a chat. In the meantime, check out our blog on What an accountant can really do for creative business owners.