Smooth, simple, stress-free


Ellipse 6@4x

Are a busy person
needing to do a
Self Assessment

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Want it done as hassle
free as possible

Group 13@4x

Need some guidance
to navigate the

Self Assessments can feel

You’re already trying to keep up with everything you need to do as a freelancer, business owner or for your main job. Filing your own tax return feels like a complicated, daunting task you don’t need on your plate.

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Whether we walk you through each step of your
self-assessment or complete it for you, it’ll be one
less thing on your mind to worry about.

Think of us as the encouraging, expert guide in
your corner. Ask as many questions as you like;
we’re here to answer them all, cheer you on and
celebrate your wins.

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Did you know…

we can be more than just your tax return person?

If self employment is your main source of income, you’re on an exciting journey. And we know you’ll have more financial goals, needs and challenges than just individual tax returns. Whether your business is five months old or five years old, there’s a lot we can do to support you in getting everything you want out of this venture.

How we help
(based on where you are!)


We tailor our pricing to suit your individual needs

Guided self-assessment session

Do it with you

£80 + VAT

This is a 45 minutes meeting where we focus on any areas of your tax return you need guidance on. We’ll answer your questions and walk you through it so you feel totally confident when you hit that “Submit” button

From £108+ + VAT

Send us your numbers, then we’ll review your information, draft your tax return, suggest areas of improvement, and submit it for you. We tailor this service depending on how much work is involved and whether you get the information to us before or after September (when the price increases). The average price for this service is generally £200-300.

Elise Smith, Founder of Sky High Studio

“An efficient, friendly and professional service. Gillian made me feel comfortable to ask any questions. An inclusive business which is very important to me. Could not recommend more…”

Banish self-assessment stress today

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You might also find our self-assessment checklist handy